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4000 LB Capacity LN4 Racks

4000 Pound Capacity LN4 Racks

Please call for quotes over 25 racks. We have very low prices for high quantity orders.

REMEMBER WE CAN MAKE ANY CUSTOM RACK FOR YOU! These LN-4 racks are suitable for many warehouse applications and are very sturdy with a rigid 1 piece welded steel construction.  They are especially suitable for bulk bag storage.

To Order Please issue a Purchase Order showing the following:

  • Bill to Address
  • Ship to Address
  • Method of Payment (MC, VISA, or Net 30. 3-4% Credit Card surcharge added to all credit card orders)
  • Preferred Carrier (Collect, Prepaid & Add, 3rd Party)
  • Fax Number, Phone Number and E-mail address
  • Print and Sign Approval Drawing (PDF)

Fax Purchase Orders to 636-256-4901 or
E-mail Purchase Orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Racks are Powder Coated Blue

4,000 Pound Capacity LN4 Racks

These racks have no removable pieces.

Please note that 4,000# capacity racks are designed to stack 3 to 4 racks in each stack, with each rack holding up to 4,000 pounds


Load Size D” x W” x H”


1-4 Each

5-16 Each

17-25 Each

Sign-off Approval Drawing

SC-LN4-484048 48x40x48 136  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484060 48x40x60 145  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484848 48x48x48 145  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484860 48x48x60 153  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing

* All pricing subject to change due to market conditions.
* Please call for quotes over 25 racks.

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