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Please call for quotes over 25 racks. We have very low prices for high quantity orders.

REMEMBER WE CAN MAKE ANY CUSTOM RACK FOR YOU! These LN-4 racks are suitable for many warehouse applications and are very sturdy with a rigid 1 piece welded steel construction.  They are especially suitable for bulk bag storage.

To Order Please issue a Purchase Order showing the following:

  • Bill to Address
  • Ship to Address
  • Method of Payment (MC, VISA, or Net 30. 3-4% Credit Card surcharge added to all credit card orders)
  • Preferred Carrier (Collect, Prepaid & Add, 3rd Party)
  • Fax Number, Phone Number and E-mail address
  • Print and Sign Approval Drawing (PDF)

Fax Purchase Orders to 636-256-4901 or
E-mail Purchase Orders to
Racks are Powder Coated Blue

4,000 Pound Capacity LN4 Racks

These racks have no removable pieces.

Please note that 4,000# capacity racks are designed to stack 3 to 4 racks in each stack, with each rack holding up to 4,000 pounds

LN-4.B-4stacked LN-4.B-4nesting



Load Size D” x W” x H”


1-4 Each

5-16 Each

17-25 Each

Sign-off Approval Drawing
SC-LN4-484048 48x40x48 136  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484060 48x40x60 145  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484848 48x48x48 145  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing
SC-LN4-484860 48x48x60 153  CALL US  CALL US  CALL US Sign-off Drawing

* All pricing subject to change due to market conditions.
* Please call for quotes over 25 racks.