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Tier-Rack® Frames

Tier-Rack® Frames

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Tier-Rack Frame Instructions

The original Tier-Rack Corporation pallet stacking frame



In 1955 a pallet maker in mid Missouri was looking for a way to help his customers maximize the use of their warehouse space. The result was the pallet stacking frame and he named his company Tier-Rack Corp. Tier-Rack developed a storage rack system that has been used ever since by various industries to store tires, boxes, fabric, pipe, elecronics, bicycles, furniture, food, beverages and anything else you can imagine.

Do you have pallet loads of products that you can not stack? By adding our Tier-Rack® pallet stacking frames to your wood pallets you can create a portable stack rack that will let you stack your products 3 to 5 loads high. These stackable pallets are great for storing products that are crushable or do not otherwise readily stack.

When Tier-Rack® Frames are not in use, they take up very little room.

What does your product look like?

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 These racks are available in many shapes and sizes, and can safely hold pallet loads weighing up to 2,500 pounds. Product containment can also be accomplished either directly from the rack or through the addition of options.

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