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Q-What is a "stack rack" ?
A-A stack rack is a portable storage unit that can be loaded with boxes, loaded pallets, or almost any product(s) that can be easily moved for your storage needs. They are quite flexible, and offer the user the option to reconfigure your storage space anytime your storage needs change.

Q-On my rack label it reads 2000# stacked 5 high, what does that mean?
A- Tier-Rack engineers each rack to store a product(s) to a given specification that  is printed on the label. These calculations assume the weight is evenly distributed across the rack. The 2000# capacity is per unit. In this example rack stacked 5 high can accommodate 10,000 pounds of product evenly stored. Our engineering standards provide for a margin of safety consistent with, or exceeding the industry standards.

Q-Do you have a price list, or catalog I could review?
A-We maintain a supply of stock racks that are common sizes.  These can be seen on our web site.  These may be suitable for small orders (10-25 racks) and common applications.
However, most orders are custom designed to match your product material handling requirements.  The cost of the rack is dependent primarily on the weight of the steel in use.  We design the racks to optimize the weight and gauge of the steel to find the best value solution. 
Since steel pricing is volatile and subject to market conditions, a current quotation is typically required.

Q-What is your lead time for production?
A-Typical lead times can vary from 3 weeks to 5 weeks depending on the rack design, materials required and production work loads.  Racks requiring special decking, dunnage or non-standard materials may require longer lead times.
On large orders the quoted lead time is typically "arrival of the first load" with a production and delivery schedules coordinated with the customer.

Providing adequate lead time improves our ability to source best value suppliers and to pass these saving to the customer in improved pricing.

Q-Can Tier-Rack manufacture racks that I have purchased from another rack manufacture?
A-yes. We may require you to send us a sample of your rack if your design is atypical.

Q-What are fork stirrups?
A-Fork Stirrups provide a guide for your lift truck's forks and an assurance your rack is being lifted from its optimal location. Fork stirrups can be used for 2-way or 4-way entry. Our rack designs make sure your fork blades have a solid and safe "pick up" area, but we suggest on some designs that you get fork stirrups. There are certain products like carpet, carpet pad, fabric rolls, and large racks that fork stirrups make a great addition.


Q-What are fork tubes?

A-Fork Tubes provide extra strength and help assist your lift truck's forks and assurance your rack is being lifted to the exact location.

Q-I am located in Anchorage Alaska, do you have a local distributor in my area?

A-Tier-Rack is the manufacturer of the racks and ships to anywhere in the continental U.S., or International. We will ship the racks to your port of choice and ask our customers to take care of their shipping from port.

Q-How many tires does a typical Tier-Rack tire rack store?
A-A typical 60" X 60" X 54" clear height tire rack will store 24-26 passenger tires or light truck tires. Tier-Rack can make custom tire racks such as bins, stackers, custom racks, used rack, storage bins, laced cages, carts, industrial rack for tires, or multiple storage systems to help out your facility and business. Give us a call and see why Tier-Rack has been the leader in tire racks since 1955.



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