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Buy Used Racks & Equipment

Buy Used Racks and Equipment

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Whether you call them tier racks, stacking racks, pallet frames, portable stack rack, tire racks, diamond tops, nestable racks or stackers, Tier-Rack has a portable storage solution to fit your requirements.

sellus2We have served thousands of companies in the tire, automotive, retail, agricultural, construction and building materials, textile, and food industries for over 50 years providing many types and sizes of portable stack racks.

Tier-Rack specializes in both the purchase and sale of used rack including used tire rack, pallet stacking frames, stack rack, used pallet racking, used warehouse rack, stacking bins, nestainer style racks and other material handling equipment throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. These items include our own Tier-Rack® frames, Load-Nester®, as well as brands from other rack manufacturers like Jarke, Steel King and others. Please enjoy browsing our online selection of used items for sale. If you have used material handling equipment you would like to sell, let us know and we can pay you cash for your used inventory! bb

SteelrackthumbnailBuy Used Steel Stack Racks

These stackable racks allow you to stack product without crushing the load. These all metal stacking racks can support thousands of pounds and can be stacked up to 5 high. Stack racks offer a way to improve warehouse flexibility, maximize space, and reduce material handling costs.

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UsedpalletframethumbnailBuy Used Pallet Frames

Originally developed by Tier-Rack in 1955, pallet stacking frames are metal posts that clip to a pallet to provide a means to stack your product without crushing the load. These portable stack rack can hold several thousand pounds and can be stacked 4 or 5 high. Pallet frames improve warehouse flexibility over fixed racking in a cost effective manner.

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UsedpalletrackthumbnailBuy Used Pallet Rack

Available in many different styles, sizes and load capacity. Basic pallet rack consists of uprights and beams. Other items such as wire decking, pallet supports, and leg protectors are available.

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UsedequipmentthumbnailBuy Used Equipment

We also offer a variety of other miscellaneous warehouse and material handling equipment. All items are priced to move and stock changes often, check back regularly.

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All Used Inventory is Subject to Prior Sale

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